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Paranormal Romance

The Deathless Night Series

A Master Vampire has been missing for seven years—and those closest to him have been cursed by the jealous designs of the female who enslaved him. Determined to find his brother and stop her, Nikulas Kreek and the other five Vampire Council members solicit the help of a family of reluctant witches. Set in the Pacific Northwest, they soon discover it's not only their united cause drawing them together….

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The Kincaid Werewolves

First introduced in The Deathless Night Series, these werewolves are off on their own adventure when the Fae are threatening to take out the human race—before moving on to other supernatural creatures. It would be in their best interest for the packs to band together to fight this threat. Now if only they could stop mating with them...

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Southern Dragons

Dragons and Vampires are forbidden to mate...


Deathless Night-Into the Dark

Welcome back to the world of Deathless Night.

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